We Value Our Youth.

At the Black River Area Community Coalition (BRACC), we strive to cultivate a healthy, safe, and supportive community by taking a proactive approach in preventing youth drug and alcohol use. Our goal is to develop programs and provide resources that support our youth with the tools to become responsible members of the community. LEARN MORE...

Research and Assessment

We compare local and regional data to understand, identify, and address the current substance use issues facing youth communities of Ludlow, Plymouth, Mount Holly and Chester.

Prevention Tools and Resources

We provide youth, parents, schools, towns, and community partners with access to tools that increase awareness, knowledge, and resource capacity around substance use issues.

Programs and Initiatives

We work with our partners to sponsor proactive, educational, and leadership programs aimed at developing protective factors and reducing high risk behaviors of our youth community.

Community Involvement

We encourage and invite our community to get involved in prevention work through program leadership, public conversation, survey participation, and educational outreach.