Vermont's Most Dangerous Leftovers

How many of us have been injured or had a procedure done where the doctor gave you a prescription for a pain killer? I would guess most of us, I have seen it in my family. What happens to those pills that we don't take once we are all better?

If you are like most Vermonters they sit in your medicine cabinet until you finally get around to cleaning that thing out. Many people who abuse prescription painkillers get them from family and friends who leave them in their medicine cabinet once their medical need has ended.

For us here in Mount Holly, Plymouth And Ludlow we are able to help prevent this scenario from happening. If you find yourself having left over medication there is a drop box in the lobby of the Ludlow Police Station available 24 hours a day.

Thanks to an Okemo Community Challenge Grant we were able to install the drop box in 2015?. Since then we have collected a total of XXXXPounds of medication.

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